Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday Challenge: Day 6

Today's is "This Means A Lot To Me".

This was an easy one for me. Although it is not a screenshot from within the game, it does have to do with WoW.

One of our friend's is an artist. For my birthday one year he gave me a coffee mug. It wasn't any plain ol' ordinary mug mind you. No, no, no...this one was special. Our friend had painted it for me. Take a look see at the photo to see how he painted it. 

Whenever my partner and I would play WoW together we always ran around on "Draiko & Dharmsala". They were our 'go to' toons. We had worked on some other toons together, but always went back to "Draik-n-Dharm".

Our friend knew this. We had gotten him to try WoW for a little while. He didn't play WoW for that long...a year or less I think...but whenever he was on he was in trouble. Dharm and I were always going to rescue him from one place or another.

One night we saw him on his level 5 in Arathi Highlands. We asked him what in the world he was doing there at level 5 and he told us, "I was just following the roads, running around exploring". Mind you his level 5 toon was a gnome so he wasn't too far from Arathi...not like a level 5 human would have been...but still...he had to have died a lot along his travels.

Anyway, he knew how much I loved the game and how often I played on Draiko. So, he fashioned the above coffee cup for me. I think he told me he got the "mana" side of the cup from a moonberry juice or something he had in his bags.

There is nothing I have that is WoW related, in game or out, that means more to me than that coffee mug does. I absolutely love it. I don't even use it for my coffee. It sits on the top shelf of my desk out of harm's way.