Thursday, January 30, 2014

!! I'm Hosting a Transmog Contest !!

While the pre-expansion lulls start to settle in I thought I would give some of you something to do over the next few months.

I am going to host my first ever transmogging contest that will span the course of the next 5 months. The theme of the contest is based on the colors of the rainbow and shall hence be called "The ROYGBiV Tmog".

Egypt - ROYGBIVby Chael @ deviantART

Each month, beginning with February, will be based on the different colors in the spectrum. I know there are 6 colors really, but Indigo and Violet are too similar in my eyes for this contest. So, I have left out Indigo leaving the following order of the contest:

February = Red
March = Orange
April = Yellow
May = Green
June = Blue
July = Violet (basically any purples)

Each month the winner of the contest will win a Blizzard Store Companion/Battle Pet.

The rules for the contest are such:

1.) All outfits must be able to be worn as if they were a real transmog. Meaning, no mixing plate and cloth items together or no Mages carrying bows and so on.

2.) You can use MogIt or WoW Model Viewer for your submissions. Feel free to submit true transmogs as well if you have an appropriate outfit or want to gather the pieces in game for said outfit.

3.) Each entry must be submitted by the 25th of each month to allow time for voting.

4.) Please, submit only one entry per month. Take your time putting your outfits together. Remember, you have until the 25th of each month to submit your entry.

5.) Email entries to: momar dot jstmel @ gmail dot com (in proper email address format of course) with the corresponding month's name and color in the subject title. (I.E. - Tmog Entry for March - Orange)

6.) In the body of the email list the names of the items used in each slot. Provide links to the items if you want.

7.) Please use all gear/weapon slots available. Rings, trinkets and necklaces not necessary.

Pretty simple huh?

On the last day of each month I will post the winner's photo as well as the second and third place winner's photos (if I get enough entries to do so). On the last day of each month I will also announce the color and what the prize/pet is for the next month's contest as a reminder.

If you are an author of your own blog, feel free to post pictures of your submitted outfits there. The only thing I ask is that you do not post pictures of your outfits in advance...meaning no showing June's outfit in March and so on.

And that's it! Get your thinking caps on because the first contest starts in two days on February 1st. I will make a post on the 1st as a reminder as well as to tell you which pet will be the prize for that month.

Happy Mogging All!!!

P.S. - For the month of August I'm thinking I might do a contest where you, the contestants, will vote on the winners from each month to determine who's outfit shall be chosen for the grand prize of a Blizz Store Mount of their well as a specially made jpg or gif image, by me, denoting them as the overall "ROYGBiV Tmog Winner".


  1. This sounds like so much fun! And with almost a whole month to consider each one I can't resist! Count me in!

  2. That's a great idea for a contest and I love the image you used above.

    1. @PlaidElf - I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

      @Cymre - Thank you and thank you. Click the link (if you haven't already) under the pic to see more of Chael's stuff. Some of it's pretty cool.

  3. Oh man! I wish i could join this transmog event damn it! I had sold so many items to clear my bags I guess if i had to do this it's not too late is it? lol Oh well carry on for next year maybe? Anyway great idea hon! <3

    1. Not sure if you'll see this in time, but you can still enter. You don't need actual pieces of gear either. You can use the addon MogIt or the external program WoW Model Viewer. March's deadline is in 5 days. If you can't make it in time, join in on the fun for April.

    2. It seems the contest is running now and everyone can participate. If i can't, I'll surely join in for the fun purpose.

  4. I wish I'd seen this sooner!!!