Friday, August 23, 2013

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday Challenge: Day 23

Today's is "Yellow".

I couldn't get any more "yellow" unless I was a banana...or a lemon.

Razikiel's outfit, which is not a real transmog and just a screenie of MogIt, consists of:

Head - Robust Helm
Shoulders - Stockade Pauldrons
Chest - Glorious Breastplate
Back - Brightcloth Cloak
Waist - Glorious Belt
Legs - Glorious Legplates
Wrists - Flamebane Bracers
Hands - Flamebane Gloves
Weapons - Renataki's Soul Slicer
Feet - Glorious Sabatons
Tabard - Arathor Battle Tabard
Shirt - Bright Yellow Shirt

I'm really diggin' on that sword. Might just have to beg some friends who have Archaeology at 225 or higher to run Zul'Gurub with me to try to get it. My only toon with an Archaeology skill that high is my Paladin...but that sword could go pretty well with my Death Knight's transmog.

Although, I'd have to switch his outfits around. His yellow/gold and red outfit is normally his Blood spec outfit. But, he dual wields in his Frost a swap of mogs would be needed for the sword to work.

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