Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday Challenge: Day 18

Today's is "Someone You Spoke To Today".

When I first logged in today there was nobody online. So, I logged out and jumped over to another server. I ended up logging in on one of my bankers first. He ended up chatting up Kixa, an Orgrimmar bank NPC in the Valley of Strength.

Try as he might, he could not engage in much of a conversation with her though. She really likes to say, "Yea, whadda ya want?" a lot. Not to mention her obsessive use of "Don't be a stranger" at the end of every attempt at a conversation.

(I think the Orc in the corner is hungry. It's scary how he's looking at my pet he's gonna chop him up any minute now with that big axe of his and make some bacon.)


  1. I agree. He's salivating over your pig.

    1. I know. And my poor little level 10 banker won't stand a chance against that mean ol' orc to protect his piggie. :(