Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yes, I Am Still Here

I have been absent WAY too long. Sorry about that!

What have I been up to? Building, building, building, killing baddies, resource gathering, building and even more building.

Roughly one year ago I found a game that has turned out to be more addictive, to me at least, than World of Warcraft ever was. I never thought I'd find another game that could pull me away from WoW...but this one sure as hell has. What game is it?


What's even more surprising is that this game isn't even out of its Beta phase yet. I know right? Crazy! A game riddled with bugs, an inferior UI, horrible combat, resource grinds and so-so graphics optimizations has pulled me so far from WoW that I rarely have the urge to log in any more.

So, if the Beta of Landmark is such a mess, what's keeping me away?

The complete freedom of building what I want, when I want and where I want...well, for two more weeks at least.

At the end of the month, Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) is doing a complete character/progression wipe before implementing a bunch of changes and additions to Landmark for us to test.

I will be losing one year's worth of building resources (which number in the multi-millions), building tools, crafting tools, weapons and armor. Back to beginner status for us all!

But, that's okay. I'm sure it won't take me too long to replenish my inventory of everything I'll be losing. Then I'll be right back at doing what I'm loving...building!

Since starting Landmark last year I have been one big, building fool. I have created I don't know how many different claims in as many different locations. I've been building houses, space ports, ski slopes/lodges, furniture, alphabets, galleries, various designs and do-dads, stair cases...and god knows what else. If I can think of it, I can build it...and I'm LOVING it!!!!!

Will I be coming back to WoW full time anytime soon? Hmmmm....doubt it. I came back for the release of WoD. I got a kick out of the garrisons, liked the changes/additions to pet battles, had fun gaining followers and even got 3 toons to max level. And then I got bored.

I'm sure I'll pop in every now and then to piddle around...but Landmark's where I've hung my hat. And I can't really foresee anything pulling me away.

Will I be abandoning the blog for months on end again? I hope not, but no promises.

I'm actually giving thought to start streaming my time in Landmark. Need to think on it more though. Not really sure what else I can offer that differs from the many other streamers the game has. If I do end up streaming, I'll post info here on it in the off chance that any of you would be interested in seeing what I'm up to.

For now, I'll post some more images of things I've built in Landmark for you to browse through. Check out the "My Landmark Builds" for those images.

Take care and hugs all around!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Public Apology

Dear Magilyn and PlaidElf,

I would like to apologize for being a complete and utter dork. I went to the Blizzard store to purchase your pets, the Guardian Cub, and found that it is no longer available. They retired that pet last month on June 18th (according to a Wowhead comment).

Talk about being an inept contest host!

I have emailed you both explaining this and asking you to visit the Blizzard store to choose any other pet they offer. Please let me know which one you would like.

I am posting this here in the off chance it catches your eye before you check your emails.

Again, I am very sorry for my blunder.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

ROYGBiV Tmog Contest - July Winners

First, I would like to say "Thank You!" to everyone who has participated in my transmogging contest. It has been loads of fun seeing the outfits you all have come up with each month. At some point and time I might hold another one.

Now, on to the good stuff. Again, we had some outstanding outfits submitted. It looks like you all had a lot of fun with violet/purple.

Our winners for July are:

Congratulations to Magilyn and PlaidElf!!

Please choose your prize from the list below and let me know, either in comments here or by email, which prize you would like.

1.) Blizzard Store Pet - Guardian Cub (US servers only - sorry)
2.) Key Code for the Closed Beta of the game EverQuest Landmark
3.) Your choice of one level 25 pet that is listed below: (EU servers only - sorry)

Here are all the entries, in no particular order.

Well done all! Thank you again!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ROYGBiV Tmog Contest - July, the Final Episode

I want to thank everyone who has been taking part in my ROYGBiV Tmog Contest over the last 5 months. I dearly appreciate all of you. Whether you've been submitting entries since February or are submitting your first entry this month, I truly thank you! I hope you have all been having fun.

Today's post brings us to the last leg of the contest. This month's color is Violet, or any shade of purple really. Knock me out with your outfits everyone!

This month's prizes will be the following:

1.) Blizzard Store Pet - Guardian Cub (US servers only - sorry)
2.) Key Code for the Closed Beta of the game EverQuest Landmark
3.) Your choice of one level 25 pet that is listed below: (EU servers only - sorry)
I look forward to seeing what you all put together. Good luck everyone!

I'd also like to mention, if you hadn't noticed, that I took part in the contest as well. In each of the photos I've posted for each month, showing what the Blizzard Store Pet would be, I've donned my best interpretations of the colors. I also tried to get the screenshots taken in a location that best suited the pet I was giving away. Hopefully you've enjoyed the photos as well as the contest.

Thank you everyone!


Monday, June 30, 2014

ROYGBiV Tmog Contest - June's Winners

Hello all!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? At least it's still June 30th and I'm technically not late.


You all are still doing a bang up job with your outfits! Lots of tough choices. Picking two winners was tough...were I still picking one, it would have been tougher.

Here are your winners for the month of June:

Congratulations Cymre and Zeirah!!!

For your prize you can choose one of the following:

1.) Blizzard Store Pet - Lil' K.T. (if you are on a US server)
2.) Beta Key for the Closed Beta of the game EverQuest Landmark
3.) Any of the level 25 pets listed below:

Please send me an email stating which prize you would like. If you choose one of the level 25 pets listed above, let me know what day and time would be good for me to meet up with you in game to trade. Or, let me know which realm you are on and I can create a level 1 toon to mail you the pet.

Thank you to everyone who submitted outfits and have been making my ROYGBiV contest a bunch of fun!!!

Here are all of the outfits submitted in no particular order:

Thank you again to everyone who participated! Your outfits were/are outstanding!

Come back tomorrow to find out what Blizzard Store Pet I'll be giving away for July's leg of the contest.