Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday Challenge: Day 15

Today's is "The Best".

I've created a small collage of screenshots containing, in my eyes, "The Best" person I know in WoW.

She is kind, considerate, friendly, smart, funny, giving, goofy, lovely, has a heart of gold...I'm running out of adjectives here...she is all-round The Best! I give you Navimie.

The top three pictures are of a day I decided to surprise Navi. I created a baby toon on Dath'remar and whispered her to come see me. I then proceeded to give her a Pocket Reaver battle pet I leveled for her. She thanked me a lot and then turned around and gave me a Purple Puffer pet she saw I was missing. How thoughtful of her!

The next two pictures are of a day where Navi and got to goof off together.

I was in Karazhan, just arriving at the Chess Event, to get some pets when I see Navi log in. I asked her if she would like to join me and she said she would. It took us a few tries to beat the event, but we finally managed. Navi was at work and kept having to go "afk". I don't know, some 40 minutes or so later we finally killed Prince Malchezaar.

Navi collected the red polearm (I think), that she is sporting in the middle picture, off of him. It matches her transmog nicely I think.

The bottom picture is from when we were in Tempest Keep: The Eye, for more pets and a chance at a mount, after our Kara run. We had started the Kael'thas fight when Navi had to "afk" again. The fight got to the part where Kael floats up into the air and does a little light show before coming back down...but he never did...come back down that is.

For whatever reason the fight broke. I stood there dancing for roughly 10-15 minutes, while Navi was still "afk", and the fight never continued. When Navi did return she told me that she had to log out. I told her it was no problem and that we broke Kael'thas anyways and couldn't continue. (You'll notice I changed my gear...ran and t-mogged it on one of Navi's "afk" other outfit looked horrible!)

This was the first time I had been able to group up with Navi to do anything in game...and it was an absolute blast...afk's and all.

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