Friday, August 23, 2013

Killing 4 Birds with One Stone

When it comes to WoW I have a serious case of ADD. Not only do I get distracted by shinies, I have many alts that I bounce amongst. I'd like to introduce you to Humphrey, my newest level 90 toon. He is lucky number 7 when it comes to level 90 toons that I have. And might not be my last. The next expansion is still pretty far off.

Wishes he was a Druid.

So color coordinated.

Many years ago Humphrey started out as a Rogue. It was so long ago that I don't remember what race he was...but I do remember he was a Rogue. I remember this because I learned that I didn't mix well with the Rogue class and never leveled him past level 13 or so.

He ended up sitting, collecting dust as a name place-holder, in my selection of toons until Cataclysm was released. He then became a Worgen Warrior. Again, poor Humphrey didn't get very far...maybe level 20 or so. I couldn't get past the constant sniffing sound that Worgen make.

I don't remember when I turned him into a Dwarf Mage. I do remember wanting to level him so I could have my own personal portal jockey for those holiday events that send us all across Azeroth.

I didn't level as quickly as I wanted and ended up just logging in on him from time to time to do some Battlegrounds. (I'm pretty bad at PvP and would usually just run around sheeping people for fun or using Frost Nova as I followed a flag carrier)

Since the release of Pandaria I have been slowly leveling him. I finally hit the mark last night and achieved the following Acheivements:

Why, yes, yes you should have Major Payne.

Not hiding under fat Panda anymore.

Now, from the pictures you might see only 3 Achievements. The 4th, in my eyes, was beating Major Payne. It took me quite a while to put together a team that could beat him without fail. Each time I beat him I still get a great thrill and felt it only right to have Humphrey ding 90 in doing so.

The 4 dead birds are:

- beating Major Payne
- dinging level 90 from the pet battle
- gaining 'Quintessential Quintet'
- gaining '200 Daily Quests Complete'

My stone is:

- Having one more level 90 in my arsenal of alts


  1. Congratulations, and Humphrey is rocking it!

  2. Grats on Humphrey getting to 90, love his outfit :)

  3. Thank you both for the gratz and compliments on the outfit. Even though Dwarves can't be Druids the outfit suits him well.