Saturday, August 3, 2013

How I WoW

GrumpyElf, over at The Grumpy Elf, had a post the other day where he discusses his "first 200 days" of WoW playing. What he talks about is the fact that his main character has "dinged" 200 days old even though he has been playing WoW for more than 200 days (he started back in 2008 I believe). He also states that he has a variety of alts...none of which combined equal 200 days old.

GE also talks about what he has, and has not, done the most during that time.

This got me wondering about my toons' ages and what they have done/not done. I've been playing since December 2006. I surely have a toon that is "older" than GE's.

Or do I?

I opened up WoW and checked the /played time on one of my oldest toons, Thelandira. Thela wasn't the first toon, she was the third, I created back in 2006, but for quite some time she was my main and I played her the most.

So, how old is Thela? She is MUCH younger than I expected. Thela is a mere 87 days old (and some hours). That just seems.....wrong. She's not even my oldest toon...that would be Draiko. Draiko is 88, and was the second toon I ever created.

What's sad is that the first toon I ever created, Sheetahn, is only 53 days old. Now that is really, really wrong. Poor Sheetahn.

In the comments section of GE's post a few of the people that replied stated different stats for their toons. I decided I would check out some basic info/stats on my toons.

This resulted in me opening up Excel and creating a very basic spreadsheet to track the info. You can look at the ugly thing here if you like, but below are the grand totals I came up with.

These are the totals for the toons I play/have played the most:

  • Days Played - 447
  • Creature Kills - 582,481
  • Quests Done - 23,781
  • Dailies Done - 3,900
  • Honorable Kills - 17,449
  • Deaths - 3,769
  • Flight Paths Taken - 7,552
  • Dungeons Run - 2,427
  • Raids Run - 411
  • Pet Battles (non-pvp) - 5,237
  • Achievement Points - 42,330
  • Levels Acquired - 710

The following totals are for various toons/bankers I have that I don't play too often:

  • Days Played -56
  • Creature Kills - 36,231
  • Quests Done -3,066
  • Dailies Done - 159
  • Honorable Kills - 2,228
  • Deaths - 260
  • Flight Paths Taken - 369
  • Dungeons Run - 96
  • Raids Run - 1
  • Pet Battles (non-pvp) - 0
  • Achievement Points - 4,695
  • Levels Acquired -332
All of these totals are as accurate as they can be. With that in mind, some of these numbers are crazy high. What's scary is knowing that these numbers really don't reflect the entire history of my WoW playing.

'Days Played' is probably the most accurate (if not the only accurate) piece of information up there. The rest, I believe, is only as accurate as far back as when WoW initiated the Achievement system...which was back in October 2008 (according to the Wiki).

While the new system did track some information from beforehand, like certain dungeons/raids completed, most of it was brand new stuff being tracked for us to see. I'm curious as to what the 'real' data is for all my toons...even counting those toons that never reached more than level 10 or 20 and were deleted.

Now, what does all this show that I've been doing with my WoW time? By raw numbers I've been killing stuff...plain and simple...I've been a killing machine. I've killed a grand total of over 600k things across the lands of Azeroth.

That is so not like me in real life. I hate killing things IRL. If I find a bug or spider in my home I usually catch it and toss it out the front door rather than kill it. What a difference pixels make to my actions.

Now, I know that I really haven't just run around killing things in-game. Actually, if you were to ask me what I've done most I don't think I could answer you. I have done a lot of nothing and a little of everything. I've fished, cooked, pvp'd, quested, raided, pet battled, leveled more toons than I needed, crafted, farmed, explored, killed stuff, goofed off and then goofed off some more.

All-in-all I'm happy with what I've done during my time in Azeroth. There really isn't anything I regret doing or not doing. The game has kept me happy and content for some 500+ days of played time and some 1,000+ toon levels acquired...and I'm sure it will keep doing the same.


  1. My main (or rather, only toon) is kinda old. I think it was last year sometime I celebrated her full year (365 days played) and I am not sure what that is up to now...

    I'm glad you're happy wiht your time in Azeroth and have no regrets. I too am happy wiht what i've done and will continue to do the same for... oh, another 365 days...

    1. Sadly, I don't think my ADD would allow me to play 365 days (or more) on just one toon...hahahahahahahaha.

      But, over the course of the next real life 365 days I'm sure all my toons will see many adventures.

  2. Interesting adding everything up into one lump sum. I should do that and see where I am at. I know some of the things offhand without looking.

    My main has done over 10,000 dailies by himself. I remember making a joke about it when everyone was complaining about dailies this expansion and I got he 10,000 achievement (combined of course) right at the start. My main had over 7000 of them when the expansion came out and passed that mark himself already this expansion.

    1. 10k dailies on one toon?????'ll NEVER see those kinds of numbers on one toon. I can't stand doing dailies. Out of my 5 or 6 level 90s, none of them are revered with any of the Mist's reps...well...I take that back. I have Cloud Serpants, Tillers and Lore reps exatled on one toon.

      I still need to jump back in game and see what my fishing numbers are at. I have fishing maxed on a few toons and pretty high on a few others.