Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday Challenge: Day 27

Today's is "10 Minutes from Home".

This should be easy...or so I thought. My plan was to jump on one of my toons, take them to their "home" city, travel in a random direction from there for 10 minutes and then take a screenie.


Fat chance of that happening. I jumped on my human, took him to Stormwind, put him on his flying mount, spun him around in circles (which is easy to do with a Trackball type mouse) and then sent him on his way on auto pilot.

Where was I 10 minutes later? Flying into the invisible wall along the northeastern mountain range between Eastern Plaguelands and Ghostlands.

How boring.

I hearthed back to SW and decided this time I'd run for 10 minutes in some random direction. I knew I wouldn't get too far on foot because of trees and buildings so I decided that I would strafe left or right when enountering such things. After 10 minutes of doing this I ended up dying from 'Fatigue' off the coast of Westfall.

Again, how boring.

I decided to switch toons and try from another "home" city. Time to get the Death Knight. Surely I can get someplace interesting from Ebon Hold right?

Ummmm....wrong again.

I got on his flying mount, spun him around and took off. I ended up dying from 'Fatigue' out at sea south of Booty Bay. Sigh.

Next, I figured a paid gryphon flight might be slower than my personal mount. Maybe I can get some place interesting that way. I figured I'd fly from Booty Bay to Light's Hope Chapel and would cross over someplace good to take a screenshot of.

I was wrong...again. With the new guild perk that increases flight speeds I ended up landing at Light's Hope after 9 minutes and 43 seconds.

/pulls hair out

Ok...this time it's got to work. I'm going to talk to the flight master in Light's Hope, close my eyes and just click like crazy on the screen. My mouse has to land on a flight path eventually and off I'll go. I will do this until my 10 minutes are up and take a screenie of wherever I am at.

I was on my way to Sentinel Hill, in Westfall, when the timer ran out. This was the fourth flight path I was on. The timer ran out just as I was crossing the mountain range between Searing Gorge and Blasted Lands.

So, here you go...this is where I was 10 minutes from home.

Not much better, but it will have to do.

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