Friday, February 15, 2013

To Comment or Not...Yea, I'm Gonna Comment

So, I get home from work tonight and get online to see if some of my favorite bloggers have posted anything new. What I end up finding kind of pissed me off.

Navimie, of The Daily Frostwolf, is talking about a topic, posted at a blog she reads, about why she writes and reads blogs. I was enjoying what Navi had written...until I got to this part:

"Do one thing. Do it well. (Don’t write a smattering of garbage nobody reads…unlike a certain other blog I could name. *ahem*)"

The above is a comment that someone left at the blog Navi was referring to/writing about. Navi stated that she thought that comment might have been about her.

Two things piss me off about this comment.

One, if that comment was about Navi, the person who wrote it has no idea what they're talking about. Navi writes about a variety of things and NONE of it is garbage. She expresses her thoughts in such a way that it gives you insight as to who "the person behind the curtain" really is. And to (possibly) attack her like that clearly shows that the commenter has no clue as to who Navi is.

Because of how, and what, Navi writes she has a following of some WONDERFUL people who care about who she is as a person and not just what she can bring to the table/raid...which is pretty much all you get from some other sites out there...some of them are all, "...if you can't do such and such, or have such and such gear, you are pathetic and should cancel your subscription right now".

Yea, I don't think so. To me it's those kinds of people that need to cancel their subs. To get so intense and focused on a GAME like that goes beyond my understanding. And it's the comments like, "Do one thing. Do it well" or "Be the best" or "If you don't play to win why play?" that puzzle me the most...and is the second thing that pissed me off.

To see comments like that about a video know...something virtual, not real, not tangible...just confuses me to no end. I can understand those types of comments if they are about a career or education...but a video game? Really? Something there is my opinion.

This lead me to the commenter's blog. I wanted to see what they write like/about. I was a bit surprised at what I found. I read two of the most recent posts and found it could be considered as the same thing the commenter is saying not to do/write. This kind of pissed me off even more.

Why attack a blogger for "writing a smattering of garbage" when your own blog isn't offering much different?

Then, as I was about half way through the third most recent post, I became irate...but this time it was at myself. I was actually identifying with what the post was about and was starting agree with the writer when it dawned on me...I'm supposed to be mad at this person for possibly attacking Navi...I can't "like" what I'm, no, no, no, no...this can't be happening....KHAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the last sentence from the third post I read:

"World of Warcraft should be a game, not a homework assignment.”

...and it has left me bewildered and at a loss for words. It's not the kind of comment you would expect from someone who also stated, "Do one thing. Do it well. (Don't write a smattering of garbage...)".

I've also lost my train of thought throughout all this. I think it's time to head back to YouTube and continue building my list of music/videos I'll be sharing with you all soon. Since I posted the other day, about sharing music I like with you, I've been unable to pull myself away from my music list and YouTube.

Sometimes I forget how much I like music. I have it on so often that it becomes background noise. Focusing on it so much over the last few days has been wonderful and something I have needed. I haven't even logged into WoW.

Music really is good for the soul...


  1. Oh thel! You are so sweet to defend me but I think you took it out of context! I was just saying that the comment made me think about what I write and what people look for. He might have been writing about his own blog lol. Which I did consider... <3 thel for being so caring.

    1. yea...I guess I did take that the wrong way then.

      Glad I didn't spout off at the mouth more than I did. I would feel this tall (/squinches forefinger and thumb together). But hey, at least now you know I got your back. :o)

      And, just so you know, I added their blog to my reading list last night after I made my post. Thankfully, I don't stay angry for long.

  2. Reading this, I do wonder if the commenter in question was feeling a bit bitter about their own lack of direction (or perhaps simply being joke-snarky - although I find it hard to read that way because I adore that sort of blog and don't particularly enjoy seeing them referred to as 'rubbish').

    Although a WoW blog is about a game, aye, that's not to say writers have no aspirations or targets for their work to reach, be it number of hits, amount of followers or the ability to stir up regular discussion. I understand wanting to find a particular tactic that allows these targets to be met. I just don't feel it's alright to present a take on this tactic, and then put down every blog that doesn't adhere to it, irrespective of whether the comment was meant to be a self-deprecating one...

    1. My response clearly shows how things can be taken the wrong way. Trying to be "joke-snarky" online often doesn't come across as such. Whether they were knocking their own blog, or someone else's, it's a slippery slope...even if it was meant to be in jest.

      I, too, prefer blogs that touch on many of the aspects of WoW the writer experiences. I, also, like blogs that focus on the more "training" or "guiding" designs for its reader base. But, if they stray from that every now and then it's not a bad thing...or something to degrade publicly...even if it is about their own blog.

    2. The reason we hang out in the same circle of readers is because we are all alike! <3 Nyx and Thel