Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blogging soon?

Now what????

I'm not sure if a blog was the right thing for me to begin. Over the years I have had random thoughts that I thought would be worth sharing. I would then think, "I really need to start a blog to get these thoughts out there".

Since starting my blog those thoughts have gone on vacation. I've not once said, "I need to remember to blog about this". sigh....

In hopes of trying to come up with content to write about I've decided to design a game plan to follow...maybe that was my problem to begin set course of action so to speak.

Initially, my blog was going to primarily be about World of Warcraft. But, seeing as how I get tunnel vision while playing and forget to take screen shots, or jot down things I notice in game, I'm going to change things up a little bit.

I've decided that I'm going to have a few days a week for set topics. One will be about music I like, another about some of the things Dharm and I cook up for dinner (we tend to experiment often with things we make) and another is a secret until I can find out if I'll have copyright issues with it or not (all I'll say is it will involve pictures from movies/tv shows).

Hopefully, this will get the creative juices flowing enough that those "random thoughts worth blogging about" will come back.

So, please stay tuned...there are new things to come.


  1. Sometimes it is hard to write - it's funny because only today I read something in Cannot be Tamed about posting a lot about "crap" - which is what I tend to do. I can't help it if I write a lot about everything! And I didn't realise you had a new site Thela :)

    1. Sorry about that Navi...I had taken my old site down and meant to put it back up when I realized that the old address wasn't leading to the "I've Moved" page I put up.

      But, I'm glad you've found me at my new home!!