Friday, February 15, 2013

Earlier than planned...

I've been a busy bee the last few days. I've been putting together a collection of music I like that I will be sharing with everyone. My initial plan was to make a post every Monday, called 'Musical Monday - <artist/band name here>, about a song/video I like. It will also include a small blurb as to why I like it or what information about the artist/band I find interesting.

After last night's post, I've had a change of heart. I'm going to share this music with you earlier than planned.

I let myself get riled up over something that I might have taken the wrong way...which, as Navi pointed out, I did take the wrong way. In an effort to calm myself last night, I put on the following music:

(note -This video is the entire album and is quite long)

I first heard of this artist, Andreas Vollenweider, my senior year of high school...some 25+ years ago. One day one of my teachers told us that she was going to allow us to do whatever we wanted in class under two conditions. One, we were not allowed to talk. Two, we were not allowed to sleep. Then she proceeded to play the above artist's album.

I was mezmerized. It was the most beautiful music I had ever heard...and I grew up in a house where my mother always had some sort of music playing.

I don't remember what I ended up doing that day in class. I do remember, however, falling in love with this album.

A few years later I was lucky enough to see Andreas Vollenweider in concert. I remember being blown away. Not only by the music I was hearing, but by watching Andreas, and his ensemble, create his music with such a wide variety of instruments. The one item/instrument I remember most was this enormous sheet of metal hanging from the ceiling/rafters on the left side of the stage. It was probably 6 feet wide (or more) and some 30+ feet long/tall.

When the performer started striking this sheet of metal it created the most wonderful sound and feeling. It was a deep, resonating rolling thunder...that struck me to the bone. That might not sound that pleasant, but it's the best way I can describe it. It really was an amazing sound and feeling.

Andreas Vollenweider is one of my "go to" artists when I'm stressed out and needing a good dose of relaxation. I hope you enjoy(ed) it.

You can find out more information about Andreas Vollenweider here.


  1. Oh, that's great - so this is what you were listening to? /hugs and more hugs <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'd never heard of him before and after the day I've had today, this was a lovely thing to come home and have a relaxing bath whilst listening to.

  3. I'm glad you both liked it. Andreas' music really is a wonderful thing. I think the same person, that uploaded the video I shared to YouTube, also has one of another of Andreas' albums. It's called 'Dancing with the Lion'. That album is just about as good as 'White Winds'.