Sunday, February 10, 2013

Orange They Purdy?

(This is a re-post of my last entry at my old blog location)

  About a week ago Euphyley, of WoW rare Spawns, posted about a large green worm that Hunters can tame. This pet, the Gorashi Grub, cannot be tamed after patch 5.2 hits, so Euphy was letting us all know to go get it soon if we wanted one.

Image courtesy of Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns

  I hadn't quite decided if I wanted to tame this pet or not. It's a cool pet mainly because of how large it is....but for me, that's about it. I'm not overly crazy about the worm pets, or the color green for that matter.

  Thankfully, Cymre, of Bubbles of Mischief, posted information about a different worm we could get. Again, not so crazy about worms....but this one is all big and orange and pink.

  Me likes ORANGE!

  I don't think I finished reading Cymre's post before I logged into WoW, snagged one of my hunters and headed out to Dread Wastes to get my new pet. I would like to introduce to you Ziggy.

  Sadly, I took these photos before giving him a name. I chose the name Ziggy because of this man right here:

Ziggy Stardust - aka David Bowie

  Just look at all that orange! And back in the day, this man was larger than I thought the name Ziggy was appropriate for my new LARGE, ORANGE worm.

  I'd also like to mention that, while I was out in Dread Wastes getting Ziggy, I noticed a rather large scorpid that looked interesting. (You can see it in the background in Ziggy's photos)

  I strolled over to get a closer look and instantly fell in love with this pet. I mean, it's a BIG, ORANGE (and black) SCORPID!!!

  My zodiac symbol is Scorpio, and sadly I have not liked the skins of ANY of the scorpids that roam Azeroth. That is until I spotted this one.

  I haven't decided what to name him/her yet. I'll have to run around with him/her for a few days to see what pops into mind. Maybe I'll name her 'Cymre'. I probably would have never seen this scorpid if Cymre hadn't told us all about the big worm we could tame.

 Thank you Cymre for your post on the big worm in Dread Wastes! I am very happy with my two new pets.

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  1. Hey congrats on the new additions. Glad I could help and if you do name her Cymre, it will probably be the largest namesake I have in-game :P