Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 6

Today's challenge is "C is for...".

I have chosen:

My leveling heaven...all critter teams up here.

"C is for..." Critter. And critters are wonderful to battle against for leveling pets. The screenie above was taken up at The Veiled Stair, my favorite place to level pets. The only teams you'll come across up there consist of all critters, ranging between the levels of 23 and 25. Using my trusty Emperor Crab, Roxie, makes this a breeze.

1st round: Shell Shield
2nd round: Renewing Mists
3rd round: Swap in baby pet
4th round: Swap in other baby pet
5th round: Swap in Emperor Crab
6th - 8th (or 9th) round: Make minced meat of opposing critter with Snap
Rinse and repeat

The fights can sometimes go a little longer if you end up fighting against a level 25 of rare quality or the opposing critter keeps hitting you with a DoT, like Poison Fang. Sometimes you need to keep Shell Shield and Renewing Mists up which can drag the entire battle out to 13-15 rounds. Usually, most battles are done within 11-12 rounds.


  1. That's a really good tip. "Everyone" says to level pets around Aki in Vale, but I don't like those annoying aquatics. :) Emperor Crab is my favorite pet by far!

    1. I like this spot because there is a Stable Master right there by the Flight Master for quick heals if you need 'em. If you use the Emperor Crab though you pretty much NEVER need heals. Sometimes I like to use my Cat, Crookshanks, but those DoTs can take their toll on her. The close Stable Master is nice in those situations.

      Sadly, I think they nerfed the spawn rate some of the critters to battle up at there. When I first started using that spot you could find 5-6 pets to battle up at any one time. Now you're lucky to find 2-3 up.

      Another handy little tip though. If you find a Momma critter with a few pups following her, battle only the pups and leave Momma alone. As long as she stays alive the pups will continuously keep respawning. By the time you beat the first two pups, a new one has respawned. From there you can just keep battling the new pups one right after the other. Sometimes you have to wait, but more often than not you don't.