Friday, February 28, 2014

Interesting Statistics About WoW

Right now, WoW has their "First Official Infographic" posted at this page. They have a lot of cool and interesting information listed, such as:
  • the amount of accounts created since the game began
  • the number of characters and guilds created
  • the amount of audio cds it would take to hold all the music and sound files in the game
  • the amount of daily transactions at the Auction House
...and so on.

But, this little bit of info, in the picture below, just jumped out at me and screamed, "Who cares about PvE and PvP! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!!!!".

Snapshot of WoW's Infographic page.

Three point six MILLION pet battles a day!! That completely blows my mind. I knew pet battles were a hit, wow.

I'm not sure how long their Infographic will be around. Make sure you click the link I posted above to check it all out.


  1. That amount was surely staggering. I knew pet battles would be a success. But that huge? Wow.. just wow. You were right to describe it that way.

    1. I know, right? It's a crazy high number. But, seeing as how addicting it really is, I can totally understand that figure.