Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm Still Here...

You may have wondered, all three or four of you, where I have disappeared to. Well, I'm still here...honest!

I wish I could say that my absence was caused by a demanding work load. That would be a lie. My job requires NONE of my attention whilst at home.

Truth of the matter is I got burnt out on WoW and took a little break...which I am still on.

Right after my last post I got busy going around Azeroth looking for/capturing battle pets of the opposite sex I thought I would need in preparation for WoW's next expansion. A few days later, and after some 13-14 captures, I read a tweet that said we would be allowed to breed pets of the same families. That put a halt to my plan of having both sexes of a majority of my battle pets. With the amount, and variety, of pets in each family I doubt anyone's luck would be bad enough to have only males or females. So, no need to go capture pets of the opposite sex from ones I already have.

From there I turned my eye towards the Celestial Tournament. Since the tournament was implemented I had only ever attempted it once. I quickly got chewed up and spat back out. I was clearly not prepared...even with some 90 or so level 25 pets. I browsed around the web to look for some tips and tricks to completing the tournament only to find out that I was lacking some level 25 pets that would be needed to effortlessly complete the tournament. How many was I missing you ask? Oh...only about 15-20 or so. *sigh*

I made a list of the pets I needed to get leveled and set off. I started leveling some of the ones I had that were still level 1. Then I worked on others that were around level 10 or so. Got a bunch of them to level 25 in about a week. Then I took note of some I needed at 25 that I did not own. I quickly found a few of them on eBay for between $5-$10 and scooped them up. A few days later I received their redemption codes and claimed them in game. I set up my teams and started leveling them.

Then 'burn-out' set in.

I just couldn't get myself to log in and do any more pet battles.

Mind you, in the mix I had created two new toons (a Tauren Druid and Goblin Warlock) and had been leveling them. The amount of experience from pet battles is nice for lower level toons. But even logging in to work on my baby toons wasn't appealing. I needed a break from WoW.

One afternoon while watching television I came across a channel playing 'Star Wars: A New Hope'. While watching it I started thinking about how much I missed playing Star Wars Galaxies Online. Which then lead to a thought about the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. I got up from the tv, turned on my computer and did some reading about SW:ToR.

I didn't see too many negative comments about SW:ToR  so I decided to give it a try. What could it hurt? It was now a "Free to Play" game. If I didn't like the game it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I would only be out the time it took to download, install and try. Meh...a small price to pay if you ask me.

Well here I am, almost one month later and a subscribing player, enjoying my jaunts around "a galaxy far, far away". I have five toons ranging between the levels of 19 and 31. The game has been a lot of fun. It's a bit better than I expected, but still not as good in some ways as my eyes at least...which I might elaborate my thoughts on some day.

How long will I be lost amongst the stars and planets and alien races? I couldn't tell ya.

But, please, take comfort in knowing that all is well in my neck of the woods. I'm just off going "pew pew pew" with weapons that actually go "pew pew pew".

Happy 2014 all! May happiness, health and safety be prominent to each of you.


  1. I can understand the pet burnout, I did that to myself a few months ago. I have hardly touched a pet since though I ventured over to the celestial tournament a few days ago with renewed interest only to lose it after facing down one of those tamers, well by facing I mean getting my toon's butt solidly kicked and a number of pets dead in my pet journal.
    Swtor is a great game, I keep going back to it now and again, I do love my sage a lot. hmm maybe it's time I go back and see the changes :)

    1. So far I'm having a rough time deciding which class I like best. I really like the play style of my Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight and Trooper. Unfortunately, it's come down to me leveling my Smuggler first because she's got scavenging and I really need that crew skill leveled first to support my Armstech (for barrels) and Cybertech (for armor, mods, ear pieces & droid parts) crew skills. But hey, she's got a Wookie I guess that evens it

      If you're bored one day and want to see how I'm coming along, I'm on The Shadowlands server...Smuggler's name is Sheetahn...I'm sure I'll be on her the most for a while.