Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Taking Pets to Another Level

When we were first given pet battles in game, I had scoured the interwebs to learn as much about the new feature as possible. Among a few handy addons I found, I came across this little gem:

The above website is basically an "all-in-one" site to find information on pet breeds, types, abilities and to keep an eye on your own collection of pets. It is a wonderful tool for those of us that like to battle and collect our pets.

If you've taken a quick peek at Warla's site, or have been familiar with it for some time like me, you can imagine how thrilled I am to have access to it when I read the following in Wowhead's compiled list of information about WoW's next expansion:

Medium buildings: pet stable, trading post, lumber mill, barn, and inn. Pet stable will let you breed epic pets and there is a special trainer to fight.

Yay! We get to breed our pets!!!!!!

When I read that I instantly thought about Warla's site. Why you ask? Because Warla's site lists the gender of pets as well as all the other information about battle pets.

This means that I can check the list of my personal pets, to see what genders I already have, so that I know what gender of pets I need to go get in order to be ready for breeding them.

Snapshot of my pets at Warla's Pet Search

As you can see in the above image, there is a lot of information you can find out about your pets. What we are most concerned with right now are the ones colored blue and pink in the "Breeds" column.

Blue denotes the males we have, pink the females. This is what will make all our lives easier, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to acquiring the right gender of pet.

Even more information available

In the above picture you can see what happens when you move your mouse over a pet in the "Breeds" column. A handy-dandy little window pops up that gives you more information about the pet in question. As you can see, I have the breed 11 (or S/B) of a male Alpine Foxling Kit. Now all I have to do is decide if I want to go on the search for a 13 (B/B) or 21 (S/B) breed female.

Sadly, not all of the available pets come in both male and female genders. This makes me wonder if we will be able to cross breed our pets? Or will we only be able to breed pets of the same family?

A few other questions I have are:

  • In order for us to birth an epic quality pet will the breeding pets have to both be rare quality? Or will each breeding be a toss of the dice and we end up with what we end up with?

  • If we mate two different breeds which will be the strongest in the outcome? Example, if I breed an S/B and a B/B will they give birth to a B/B?

  • Will we be able to mate pets with different breeds to bump up the stats on the new pet? Example, if I breed a P/P and an S/S will I get a pet with really high Power and Speed?

I am sure more information on this will be given to us as we get closer to the opening of the beta. In the meantime, I'll be busy traveling the lands of Azeroth to acquire as many male and female pets I need to get pairs of them all.

Feel free to call me Noah from here on out.


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  1. That's a very neat website! Thanks so much for the link. :)

    Having quite the collection myself, and also having beaten what is available to beat of pets and trainers, I have to admit I have ignored the different breeds so far. Up until a few weeks ago, I insisted that I wouldn't have more than one of each pet. Cause it doesn't seem "tidy"... Anyway, at least for the breeding of epic pets, I acknowledge that I will have to start thinking about this, so this site should be a good starting point.