Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hunter Appreciation Week - The Introduction

Laeleiweyn, at World of Lae, is hosting an 'Alt Appreciation' event and this week's chosen alt is the Hunter class.

The third toon I ever created was a Hunter. This toon quickly became my favorite class to play. I loved having a permanent pet, that I could name, at my side to run around and explore with.

I ended up loving the class so much that I eventually created 3 Hunters so I could have one in each spec (back before we were given dual specs). Below I present you with my three Hunters (I have more Hunters than that but they are mostly bankers):

Thelandira - my first Hunter and main toon for quite a while as BM spec

Sheeturself - my second Hunter who was supposed to be a PvP twink as MM spec

Jstmel - my third Hunter who I made to fiddle with SV spec

Over the next few days I will discuss their history with much of it as I can remember that is.

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