Sunday, March 23, 2014

ROYGBiV Deadline and a few other tid-bits...

Hello, hello!

Just wanted to post a reminder that the second leg of the ROYGBiV Tmog contest is soon upon us. Two more days to go. Get your outfits ready to orange me out!

Also, since my last post, I've still been plugging away at SIMs 3 custom content. I spent a few more days downloading this and that and pulling some hair out and so on.

Then, after countless clicking of links to this page and that page and those tutorials, I found some information that made my day. You see, there is this program out there called TextureTweaker3 that has answered my prayers...well, the prayers my hair has been sending out so that I would not pull on them anymore at least.

This wonderful tool, combined with the tool S3OC (SIMs 3 Object Cloner), has made things sooooooooo much easier.

Yea, sure, I could use TSRW (The Sims Resource Workshop) tool. It makes things MUCH easier. The rub is, I don't like how TSRW saves the files of completed objects edits. Call me overly picky, but I don't like how the TSRW files show up in-game as "store bought" items that you can't share/upload from within the game.

Using TT3 and S3OC, the files are saved as basic .package files and I can do loads more with them. Also, the TSRW files can't be re-edited. So, if I were to come across an object I edited and wanted to go back and change something, I would have to start from scratch if it is a TSRW file. Not the case with TT3 and S3OC files.

Finally, I have 14 new paintings...well, technically it's one painting with 14 different images to choose from...and more to come.

I've also completed a few more homes, making my "total homes done" around 6.

I have yet to decide if I want to dabble in custom content such as furniture designs, new painting frames, new rug shapes and so on. 3D programs scare the bejeebus outta me. I don't think I want to stress myself out trying to learn how to use one.

For now, I'll just stick with the easy stuff.

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