Sunday, May 25, 2014

ROYGBiV Tmog Contest - May Deadline

Hello all! I hope you are doing well.

Just a reminder that today is the final day to get your entries emailed to me.

The outfits submitted already have been amazing!

I wish all of you luck!

I have no screenshots of what I've been up to lately in Landmark. I had been working on a ski lodge/resort with some ski slopes. I ended up scrapping it (and forgetting to get screenies of it) to build something different.

I am now working on building a workshop and viewing rooms to show off my creations. I have been having loads of fun just fiddling around with different shapes and seeing what I can come up with. A lot of the things I have created can be used as wall art or as floor/wall inlays.

I am currently creating a variety of stairways. Trying to see how many different shapes I can create them in. I currently have a long, tall staircase that is in the shape of an "S". I also have a spiral staircase that is not rounded but is in the shape of a large looks really cool.

I'll get photos out soon.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Latest EverQuest Landmark Endeavors

(Jstmel's Public Service Announcement - This page may take a while to load. It is very image heavy)

Little by little, the team at Landmark have been doing a great job at tweaking the tools we have to work with and giving us more goodies to test out and play with during the Closed Beta phase. Every week we have a patch and an occasional hotfix or two. Even with all the downtime for this, I have been having a ball.

I currently have two builds going on, in two separate locations. One is in a desert area and the other a forest area along the coast. Neither of them are finished...and I doubt they ever will. One of the cool things about this game is that if you can think it up you can more than likely build it. That means that my builds are always victim to new ideas and additions.

This also means that I have been a very busy bee. Not only am I working on two separate builds, I often tend to stop building/decorating and do a lot of experimenting to see what kinds of things I can and cannot create. The tools we have (right now) have their limitations and it's fun to try to find work arounds to them to create the ideas in our heads.

Prime example, in one of my builds I knew I wanted tunnels...curved/rounded tunnels. At first this was not a major task. It was pretty easy to design the curved straight-a-way sections and the sections that have a downward/upward slope. The bends/turns in the tunnel, however, were a different story. I spent roughly 30 hours, over the course of a week, getting a 90 degree bend to look like I pictured it in my head. The game is based on a small grid pattern and does not play well with curves. Keeping the walls and ceiling curved to where it meets the flat floor all while making a 90 degree turn almost had me pulling my hair out.

After about 4-5 different builds/attempts, just on this one section of tunnel, I finally had a finished product I was proud of. Then came the task of making it possible to edit the colors/textures of the walls and floors, while putting in a border where the walls and floors meet, all while keeping the curves nice and smooth. Again, the game does not like curves and tends to give you wonky results.

Enough of my ramblings on this. Browse the photos below to see what I have been working on. If you happen to be playing the Beta as well, feel free to stop by my homes. They are both on the server Adventure and on the island Marsh. One, Fort Thelan, is the first claim southwest of the Spire. The other, Hidden Enchantment, is due west along the coast. My toon's name is Thelandir.

Fort Thelan

Aerial View

Fort Thelan Office/Home

Crafting Area

Small Corral

Entry to Tunnel Network

Underground Barracks

Section of Tunnel

Cavern Section at end of Tunnel Network

Object Creation/Viewing Room

Hidden Enchantment

View of the Coast

Entryway (not finished)

Slope leading down to Living Quarters

Still heading down

Still heading down

Main Room of Living Quarters

Will be Kitchen/Dining Area when done

Will be Bedroom when done

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

ROYGBiV Tmog Contest - May

I apologize for being a few days late with this everyone.

May's contest color is Green. The companion pet that is one of the prizes is: Blossoming Ancient

Jstmel visiting Darnassus with her buddy BipolarBart.

The other prize is a key for the closed beta of the EverQuest Landmark game. And, yes, there will be two winners again this month!

Have fun all!