Sunday, March 30, 2014

I've been Liebstered!

Oh my!

I'm not sure if I should run and hide or stand proud. Zeirah, of A is for Azeroth and Z is for Zeirah has nominated me for the Liebster Awards.


Color me confused...or, as Cal Naughton Jr. says, "My head's all tied up like a pretzel! I got a pretzel in my head!".

If you're unfamiliar with the Liebster Award, it is an award given to a blogger by other bloggers. Bloggers nominate each other and the recipients have eleven questions to answer, posed to them by the person that nominated them. Then, the nominated blogger has to nominate other bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer...and honestly, that is all I know about it.

Who picks the Liebsterian? Does the winner get a fancy little trophy? Do we get to go to an awards show? Is there a red carpet event? What day and time will the awards show be airing so I can let family and friends know?

C'mon now, these are important questions. Anyone have answers?

In the mean time, I'll answer the eleven questions Zeirah has come up with. While I'm doing this will someone please find out the answers to my above concerns? Thank you!

Zeirah's Questions

1.) What is your favourite zone in wow?

I actually have three favorites, each with their own reason as to why they are a favorite.

1. Zangarmarsh - Back when I first stepped foot into this zone it made me think of the marsh/swamp lands in Southern Florida. I've always wanted to explore them on an air boat or swamp buggy. As I would wander around Zangarmarsh questing I would always think how fun that zone would be on an air boat or swamp buggy.

2. Vashj'ir - This zone is one of my favorites based on the sheer beauty of the place. Being a water sign (Scorpio) means I am most comfortable near bodies of water. So, questing in a zone that was completely under water was heaven for me. Add to that the wonderful job Blizz did creating/decorating this zone and it instantly became one of my favorite places in game. They gave me my very own humongous fish tank to go play in without having to worry about feeding the fish and keeping them alive.

3. Grizzly Hills - This zone is one of my favorites because it always reminded me of when, as a child, my family would go camping. Every summer we would go camping up in the New England area. I used to love wandering around in the forested mountains looking for blueberry/boysenberry bushes or whatever else I could find. For me, Grizzly Hills has that New England woods feel to it and always brought back happy memories.

2.) What is your idea of a perfect day?

This one is almost impossible for me to answer. You see, I'm a pretty easy-to-please type of person. As long as I wake up breathing, have a roof over my head, food in my belly and a job to go to I am happy. When it comes to WoW, or video games in general, just having them to fiddle with makes me happy.

If you want me to exagerate, then having an "I WIN" button, or "SUPER GOD MODE" setting, in a game is perfect. I'm all for working hard to obtain the best gear and weapons and such. But, an "I WIN" button or "SUPER GOD MODE" setting is nice to have for those moods when I just want to see everything I possibly can in a game while not worrying about gear or dying.

3.) If you could be any npc, who would it be and why?

I'd like to be a murloc standing by the path at the southern edge of Lake Everstill, in the original Redridge Mountains zone, so I can scream indecipherable 4 letter words to all the noobs who come by as I chase them half way across the zone. (You know you would too!)

4.) Aside from food, water, and shelter, what one thing could you not go a day without?

I could not go a day without my desktop or laptop...or both. I think some of you can relate to that.

5.) Why do you blog?

Sadly, I do not know. I'm not very consistant with it. It's just something I putter with...and hopefully entertain a few people with.

6.) What would you tell a brand new wow player about the game?

First, and foremost, DO NOT SPEND YOUR GOLD AT THE AUCTION HOUSE! You will get gear as you quest that is more than adequate for your needs as you level. Only use the AH to sell anything you gather or cannot use until you get to a MUCH higher level, or max level.

7.) If you could pick any theme for the next expansion what would it be?

I would make the next expansion be a crafter's paradise. In a few other games I have played, crafting has been more of a mini-game then a bland and boring grind that it has become/been in WoW.

In MY expac, crafting as we know it would be erased from history and started a new. All professions would remain relavent across all past, current and future content...meaning that anyone, at any level, will have access to usefull items. Gathering would be completely revamped. I would also add a few new professions, like Woodworking for crafting furniture and/or housing and such.

Crafted gathering machines could be purchased (from Engineers of course) that we could place any where, in any zone, that would gather materials (such as herbs, wood and ore) for us. These machines would be phased so that only the owner could see them. When we placed a gathering machine somewhere we would most likely end up gathering common quality materials, but could have a chance at landing on better quality stuff. We would still be able to gather materials by hand as well.

Gathered materials would have different quality levels that would result in different qualities of wares/goods that we make. Example: copper would be rated as quality common, rare or epic (like our current gear/weapon quality levels). Common copper would allow us to craft basic quality stuff. Rare or epic copper would allow us to craft better qualities of that same basic, common copper item. So, say a common copper dagger were to give 3 agility. A rare or epic one would give say 5-10 agility.

We would be allowed to have a few NPCs of our own to station at our garrison to sell our crafted items or gathered materials. Our garrisons would have a public and private setting to allow us to let anyone just wander in or to keep everyone out. Any, and all, gold we earn by selling wares or goods would be ours to keep. We would, however, have to pay our NPCs a salary. This salary would be dependant on what level our NPC was. The higher the level, the more you have to pay out...but also, the higher the level the more wares and goods you can have listed for sale with that NPC. When we get an NPC to use to sell our wares/goods it will be level 1. We can purchase additional levels for them with our in game gold...kind of like how buying bag slots for our banks work.

We would still have auction houses in all the major cities, but those would have posting limits on 25 items or so. They would be more for the new player to sell stuff until they established a crafting & self-selling set up for themselves at their own garrison.

Okay, I have to stop now. I could go on forever with this. More ideas just keep poppin' up in my head...and yes, a lot of that was based off how crafting used to work in Star Wars Galaxies Online. Man, I miss that game and it's crafting.

8.) What is your favourite mount?

Red Flying Cloud. I love how it just glides everywhere. No bouncing up and down or side to side. No sea-sickness effect either.

9.) What cheers you up?

Seeing, and chit chatting with, other bloggers in game...and watching Egbert come running back to me, after he has wandered off, and look up at me with his big ol' goofy (but cute) eyes.

10.) Glass half full or half empty?

Depends on how thirsty I am.

11.) Whats your favorite thing to do in wow?

This one really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just get a kick out of exploring. Sometimes it's dungeon running at level. Sometimes it's roflstomping old dungeons and raids for the fun of it. Sometimes it's questing. Sometimes it's doing pet battles.

Now that that is done, it's time for me to nominate some bloggers. I nominate:

1 - Godmother at ALT: ernative
2 - Dragonray at Azerothian Life
3 - Amer Priest at Amerence Love WoW
4 - PlaidElf at Plenty of Paladins
5 - The Grumpy Elf at The Grumpy Elf
6 - Daeaye at The Wyverns Tail
7 - Andrew at Typhoon Andrew's - Eye of the Storm
8 - JDKenada at Amateur Azerothian

If you have already been nominated and have answered your initial eleven questions, don't feel bad if you do not answer my eleven questions.

And my eleven questions for you are:

1.) How did you get started playing WoW?
2.) What other games were you playing when you discovered WoW?
3.) Did you create your blog because of WoW or another reason?
4.) What is your least favorite zone and why?
5.) What old raid/dungeon do you miss most and why?
6.) If you could be a dungeon/raid boss, what would your tag lines (the things you would shout at players as they beat upon you) be?
7.) Do you recall your first feelings about WoW and what were they?
8.) What aggrivates you most about WoW as it is today and why?
9.) Horde or Alliance and why?
10.) What is your favorite movie and why?
11.) What is your favorite song and why?


  1. OMG! Thank you for nominating me! YAY something to do! answering the questions haha! Anyway, I am excited about this! I had read a few of current post about this event around the community now and I was really curious, its really nice to be recognized by your fellow blogger out there, for sure I will be posting this on my Amerence Love WoW blog - Which is my community blog for sure! But I will post a link to my other blog to answer these questions, Thank you again hon I really appreciate it! <3 /hugs

    1. You are most welcome! Have fun with it. I sure did!

      This was/is the first time I'd heard of it...which you can tell if you compare what my response was to that of Tome's ( I did it all wrong!!!

  2. Your answer to the next expansion was a post on its own! And just wait till Ancient comes and tells you to do your 11 things about yourself... :) - navimie

    1. IKR? and...IKR???

      I got way too carried away with my expac ideas...but at the same time, felt I didn't elaborate on them enough. lol

      I read Tome's Liebster post a few hours after I had posted mine. Yes, I did mine all wrong. No, I didn't have the energy to go back and edit/re-do Maybe I'll make up for that tomorrow. Today's post will be about the ROYGBiV winners and I don't want that to get hidden by another post.