Friday, March 14, 2014

My March Madness

We're almost half way through the month and I feel exhausted already. Why?

/sits and thinks...

/thinks some more...


Honestly, I wish I knew. It seems like I've been super busy. When I look at what I've actually done, however, I don't think it amounts to how busy I think I have been.

Sometime during the first week I decided to fire up SIMs 3 to create some custom content. One of the bloggers I read  has been playing it lately. She had written a few posts about her SIMs exploits and it made me want to dabble with it. (I'm sorry, I can't remember who...and I can't find her posts about it...if you know fill me in please!)

Although I don't enjoy actually "playing" it as much as I used to. I still enjoy building houses and color coordinating the furniture and stuff. So, I figured I'd make some custom content to upload to my ancient site I have for such stuff.

** insert shameless plug here --->

First off, I decided I'd work on what I thought would be the easiest things to customize...paintings. I logged into WoW one night and went crazy flying around taking all kinds of screenshots to use...which ended up being just under 180 screenshots when all was said and done.

Then, I set off to re-learn how to incorporate those screenshots into the SIMs paintings.

Turns out making custom paintings for SIMs 3 isn't as easy as it used to be for SIMs 1 & 2. I needed 3-4 different programs to do it now.


So, I downloaded them all. Started to learn the ins-and-outs of them. Made one custom painting. Then said, "phew I'm tired".

That was three days later!

Ok. What's easier?

Building houses and decorating them!

Four days later I had 4 houses done and ready to share. I go to my site to look it over to see what I need to add/change to show off my shiny new site looks horrible!

Ok, maybe horrible isn't the right word. This blog is fashioned from it after all. Juvenile maybe? I don't know. But something about it just isn't right. It doesn't help that I haven't touched that site since 2006...which was when I started playing WoW and left it all behind. And there are a few features that either no longer work or are no longer active.

Now I was faced with feeling like I needed to freshen it up before adding any new content to it.

...meh...I'm not feeling it THAT much...

Then, Dharm and I got busy doing things around the house. We bought a house back in August and there were some plants and stuff we wanted to add/change out front but never got around to doing it.

Last Saturday we headed out to Home Depot to get some plants and other stuff and fiddled with that over the weekend.

Then, Monday at work I find out that the person that works the overnight shift was caught sleeping on the job over the weekend. Not good! I had to report him to the office and they ended up removing him from my post.

Around 5pm Monday night I get a call at home from the office. They tell me they found someone to work the overnight shift but he needs to be trained. The person working the evening shift was going to work until 3am (instead of his normal 11pm) and I was going to have to go in at 3am (instead of my normal 7am) to help split the shift and train the new person.

Ok, can I just tell you right now how hard it is to go to sleep at 7pm after getting home from work at 3:30pm when you're not ready for it and you normally go to bed at 10pm?????

Needless to say, Tuesday was a long day and as soon as I got home I went to bed...which really isn't anything out of the norm. Tuesdays are my nap day. I am NOT a morning person. After working the day shift on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I am ready for some serious nap time Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesdays I get home from work, go to bed, wake up anywhere between 5:30pm and 6:30pm and then stay up until around 2am or 3am...sometimes even 4am. I work the evening shifts (3pm to 11pm) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays I stay up late so that I don't get sleepy on those shifts.

Then, on Wednesday I learn about the new Hearthsteed and tell myself that I have just GOT TO HAVE THAT MOUNT!

So off I go to play Hearthstone. An hour or so later I have the three wins needed to get the mount. Do I log into WoW and take a look-see? Nah, I'm gonna continue playing Hearthstone because I'm having a lot of fun. Why didn't I try it out during Beta??? I feel so far behind well as get my butt kicked often because I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Then, as of around 2:30am this morning I have acquired all the decks in Hearthstone and have leveled them each to between levels 10 and 11. Just the basic decks mind you. I've not bought any of the expert decks.

Now, I ask you, should I be as exhausted as I feel?

By the way, I logged into WoW today and the Hearthsteed mount is awesome and looks so good with Mootamir sporting his Death Knight starter gear transmog.


  1. Definitely yes, just reading the work part wore me out, lol. And I know, I can't figure out why Hearthstone is so fun when all I do is get my butt kicked again and again.

  2. I'm getting tired reading as well, you're so busy! - but I too had a busy month! Yay for your mount :D and gosh that Hearthstone, I never thought I'd like it... and here I am loving it...