Friday, February 28, 2014

ROYGBiV Tmog Contest - February's Winner

Weland brings Lil' Ragnaros to visit his old home one last time.

Going into this I never imagined how difficult it would be to choose a winner. I have been in a few transmogrification contests and have watched many more from the side lines...but judging one? Holy cow!!!

There were nine contestants with a wide array of outfits. While some may not have jumped out and screamed, "I AM YOUR WINNER", they all had little nuances to them. Ones that I appreciated and could understand why they were chosen to be combined into one outfit.

Enough blabbering from me. You are here to see who has won for the month of February. So, without further ado, I present to you PlaidElf and his red hunter!

I hemmed and hawed quite some time over my choices...almost to the point of flipping a coin between the last two outfits it came down to. But, something kept pulling me back to PlaidElf's outfit.

Congratulations PlaidElf! Your Lil' Ragnaros redemption code is on the way!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an outfit!!! You all did an outstanding job! I can't wait to see what March brings.

Below you can see images of all the contestants and their wonderful outfits.

P.S. - I am sorry for cutting it so close and getting this out so late. I'll do better next month.

P.S.S. - If you would like to know what a certain piece is in any of the outfits, just ask in the comments and I'll reply with a name and link to it.

Interesting Statistics About WoW

Right now, WoW has their "First Official Infographic" posted at this page. They have a lot of cool and interesting information listed, such as:
  • the amount of accounts created since the game began
  • the number of characters and guilds created
  • the amount of audio cds it would take to hold all the music and sound files in the game
  • the amount of daily transactions at the Auction House
...and so on.

But, this little bit of info, in the picture below, just jumped out at me and screamed, "Who cares about PvE and PvP! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!!!!".

Snapshot of WoW's Infographic page.

Three point six MILLION pet battles a day!! That completely blows my mind. I knew pet battles were a hit, wow.

I'm not sure how long their Infographic will be around. Make sure you click the link I posted above to check it all out.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ROYGBiV Red Deadline

Hello all! Just wanted to post a reminder that today is the last day for submissions for the February leg of the ROYGBiV Tmog Contest.

There are 7 contestants so far and competition is strong. You all have submitted some really great outfits!

Beginning tomorrow I will be looking at all outfits closely, with the help of my better half Dharmsala, and will be announcing a winner on the 28th. I will also email the winner the number they will need to claim their prize, Lil' Ragnaros, on the same day to the email they used to submit their entry.

I also want to mention that, instead of announcing what next month's prize will be when I announce this month's winner, I will be making a post on the first of the month specifically for what March's prize will be...and on the first of each month for the remaining months of the contest.

Everything else will remain the same. Each month contestants will have until the 25th to submit entries and winners will be announced on the last day of the month.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 23

Day 23: This is where I relax...

Peeeak-ah-booh...choo kent seeee meee mayuhn!

Granted, I don't have a shell I can ball myself up in like our little cutie-pie, the Armadillo Pup, but I do keep my bedroom almost as dark as the inside of his shell. It's a great place to relax.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 22

Day 22: Act of Kindness

A while back I tried to surprise Navimie, of The Daily Frostwolf - Druid Edition, by creating an alt on her server so I could give her a companion pet she did not have, which was no small feat mind you. If you know Navi, you know she has pretty much every single companion pet under the sun.

Anyhow, I whispered her and asked her if she is available to meet me in Durotar because I had a surprise for her. Within a matter of minutes she was at my side and I was giving her the pet.

However, what ended up being an ACT OF KINDNESS by me ended up being an even bigger ACT OF KINDNESS by her. Not only did she graciously accept her new pet, she turned around and gave me a pet, a Purple Puffer, that I did not have as well. Color me surprised!

Navi having a swim in Vashj'ir

Sadly, I cannot remember which pet I gave to Navi. But, I will NEVER forget where my Purple Puffer came from.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 21

Day21: Funny

We have been able to collect companion pets since the Vanilla years of WoW. One of the things I have always found sad was the vast differences in the quality of design that went into our little friends.

This is what some of our oldest companions look like: (there are many more, not pictured here,  that suffer this same design style)

Don't'll hurt their feelings...

This is what some of our other oldest companions look like:

So much more detailed don't you think?
Now, compare them to their newer versions, in as close of comparison I could find:

Details on steroids!

See what I mean? Those poor dears just look so FUNNY compared to other companion pets we have.

Please Blizz, fix our pointy headed, flat faced friends soon. They deserve some love.

(All images "borrowed" from the official WoW Armory pages)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Days 18, 19 and 20

Here I am playing catch-up again. At least this time it's not entirely my fault. Three maintenance days in a row kind of threw a wrench in things.

Day 18: Magic

Not exactly Mickey Mouse

These MAGIC brooms have always reminded me of the movie Fantasia and the part where Mickey Mouse is the sorcerer's apprentice and he brings the brooms to life and they create all kinds of chaos. I was thrilled when Blizz put them in-game as a companion pet.

Here's a little bit of trivia for you. My broom's name is 'Yen Sid', which is the name of the wizard in the Sorcerer's Apprentice part of the movie. Originally this wizard had no name. His name is Disney spelled backwards. Also, the music for this part of the movie is called 'Sorcerer's Apprentice'.

I have to be honest though, these things are a pain in the rear to take screenshots of. I now understand all the problems Mickey had with them. They just do not want to cooperate.

I must have taken 20 or so screenshots before landing the perfect one. Most of the time they would zip right through me, directly in front of me, out of view or directly behind me.

Day 19: Feet

Feet visits Dalaran

Back in the early 90s I made a friend named Delaran. She is one of my dearest and closest friends. Back then, Del had a pet albino rat. His name was Feet. When I asked her, "Why that name?", she stated it was because when he was a baby his back feet were almost as long as he was. He was all feet.

I only felt it right to take Feet to Dalaran for his photo op.

Day 20: Peace


Here we have Huanan and his companion, Heping (which is the English translation for the Chinese word for "peace"). I created Huanan specifically for this screenie because I wanted a Panda in the original starter gear. To me it is one of the few, if not the only, sets of clothing in game that gives a sense of PEACE and calmness.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Playing Catch-up

Goodness, I've fallen so behind on this. Here are screenies for February 8 through today.

Day 8: Water

The Sea Pony.

The creation of the WATER bubble permits our water dependant pets to travel across the lands with us. If I remember correctly, which most likely I do not, the Sea Pony was the first companion pet of this type.

Day 9: Details

The Harpy Youngling

From the light blue tattoo-ish marks on her thighs and upper arms, down to the slight design on the armbands, the Harpy Youngling is one of our pets that has the most DETAILS.

Day 10: I am...

I am Zookeeper Thelandira! I couldn't decide which shot I liked you get them both. In the top picture I am accompanied by my Cheetah Cub and Bjomolf. The bottom picture shows me with my Snow Cub and Echeyakee.

Day 11: Mistake

Why in the world did I level these 3 pets? What a MISTAKE!

Day 12: Out & About

When I'm OUT & ABOUT I love to see lots of little green paws on my mini-map.

Day 13: Perfect

These three pets do not make up the PERFECT team...not by a long shot. But, each of them are PERFECT in their own ways and are my main "go-to" pets for many pet battles.

Day 14: Heart

Show the Death Knight some love!

Here's poor Mootamir looking for a little romance to lighten his HEART. He is accompanied by the infamous Peddlefeet as he takes in the 'Love Is In The Air' event in Orgrimmar.

Day 15: Drink of Choice

!!! Happy Hour !!!

After a long day of auctioneering, banker Skinzz likes to kick back with his DRINK OF CHOICE, the Appletini.

Day 16: Create

It's so Fuzzy!

As we CREATE Imperial Silk, for our Tailoring daily in The Silken Fields, we have the chance of getting two different pets. The one pictured above, the Imperial Moth, or the Imperial Silkworm. If you ask me, the moth is cuter.

Day 17: Vegetable

That's one serious turnip.

Meet Grumpy, the Terrible Turnip. He is farmer Damiano's prized VEGETABLE.

In other news, there are only 8 days left (9 counting today) to get your entries in for the ROYGBiV Tmog Contest. I have received three entries thus far. Don't forget to submit yours. The 25th is the last day to get them in. I look forward to seeing more.

If you are just now hearing about the contest, you can go to this page to read more about it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 7

Today's challenge is "Utensil".

Well phooie...we have no battle pets that wield a knife and fork. Nor look like a knife or fork...or spoon for that matter.

I know! Thesaurus Time!!!

According to, utensil has the following synonyms:

  • appliance
  • equipment
  • fork
  • gadget
  • instrument
  • knife
  • silverware
  • tableware
  • ware

Wooo Hooo!!! I can use "gadget"!!

And, what better fits "gadget" than pets crafted by our trusty Engineers? They are the masters of gizmos and gadgets!

Here we have three, of the four, original pets that our Engineers have been able to craft for many a year. I give you Pet Bombling, Lil' Smoky and Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Mechanical gadgetry at its finest!

And who better to show them off than the Engineer who crafted them for me, Sheetahn.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 6

Today's challenge is "C is for...".

I have chosen:

My leveling heaven...all critter teams up here.

"C is for..." Critter. And critters are wonderful to battle against for leveling pets. The screenie above was taken up at The Veiled Stair, my favorite place to level pets. The only teams you'll come across up there consist of all critters, ranging between the levels of 23 and 25. Using my trusty Emperor Crab, Roxie, makes this a breeze.

1st round: Shell Shield
2nd round: Renewing Mists
3rd round: Swap in baby pet
4th round: Swap in other baby pet
5th round: Swap in Emperor Crab
6th - 8th (or 9th) round: Make minced meat of opposing critter with Snap
Rinse and repeat

The fights can sometimes go a little longer if you end up fighting against a level 25 of rare quality or the opposing critter keeps hitting you with a DoT, like Poison Fang. Sometimes you need to keep Shell Shield and Renewing Mists up which can drag the entire battle out to 13-15 rounds. Usually, most battles are done within 11-12 rounds.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 5

Today's word is 'Square'.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Well it doesn't get much more square than that...if you don't count the fact that he's licking his lips after eating a tasty fly.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Day 4

Whoops...I almost missed today's challenge. The word for the day is 'Childhood'. For this one I have chosen:

Worg Pup from Blackrock Spire

While browsing through my Pet Journal I landed on Worg Pup. Instantly I thought of a dog my family used to have, Sheeba. She was a German Shepard that passed when I was around 12 or 13 years old. She didn't look like most shepards. Most are black and tan. Sheeba was black and white.

Best dog ever...who didn't want to look at the camera.

If you look at the picture of the Worg Pup you will see that its legs are lighter in color than the rest of it. This is what made me think of Sheeba....which also made me think of all the fun times I had with her during my childhood.

I miss her...she was an awesome dog.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tycertank's #WoWscreenshotaday - Days 1-3

I know I've been away from WoW for a little while. However, I've decided to come back to take part in Tycertank's screenshot event called #WoWscreenshotaday.

Today I'm playing catch-up and am posting screenies for days 1 through 3. I'll try to stay on track better for the rest of the month.

I've decided to put a little twist on my submissions. I am going to be using screenshots based on pet battling. Reading down Tycer's list of words for the event this could prove a little challenging...but I think I'm up for it.

For day 1 I've chosen:

So many to level still...I'll never get to the tournament.

Day 1's word is 'You'. The Pet Journal represents "all YOU flippin' pets I still need to level to beat the Celestial Tournament with ease".

For day 2 I've chosen:

!! Just look at that adorable face !!

Day 2's word is 'Favourite'. Out of all the many companion/battle pets we have to choose from, Egbert is by far my FAVORITE! From the first time I almost had a stroke watching him run towards a boss in a dungeon (this was during TBC and I didn't know companion pets wouldn't pull aggro) to today when I still chuckle every time he runs off, Egbert holds the number one spot in my heart.

And, for today's shot I've chosen:

Who needs a summon?

Day 3's word is 'Something Orange'. Lil' Ragnaros is one of the most ORANGE colored companion pets we have...and another of my favorites.

Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The ROYGBiV Tmog - February

Today kicks off the first of six transmogrification contests I am hosting called 'The ROYGBiV Tmog'. Each month, from now until July, has a theme based on the colors of the rainbow...or more technically "the visible spectrum".

The prize for this month's contest is the Lil' Ragnaros companion pet.

Image belongs to Blizzard...I just added the words.

Now, you might be saying, "Hey...Rags is orange". Well, yeah...he is. But of all the store pets, he has the most amount of red in him. That's why he was chosen.

I know that there are a few other contests going on right now. Dragonray, over at Azerothian Life, is hosting an in-depth transmogrification contest, called Mog the World in 80 Days. Tycertank, over at Toonacious, is hosting #WoWscreenshotaday. I am by no means trying to take away from those contests.

I decided to begin this contest now because RED is a good color for February...with Valentine's Day happening and know...romance "should" be in the air. So get those lovey-dovey moods in swing and put together your best romantifically-red outfit!!!

Ok, ok...I went a little overboard with that...but you get the gist.

Should you decide to participate, you will the have almost the entire month, each month, to create an outfit and submit it for 'The ROYGBiV Tmog' contest. Hopefully that won't be too stressful.

Remember, submissions for this month's contest are due anytime on the 25th of February. For the complete list of rules and contest info check out my original post on the matter here.

Good luck and have fun all!