Saturday, February 1, 2014

The ROYGBiV Tmog - February

Today kicks off the first of six transmogrification contests I am hosting called 'The ROYGBiV Tmog'. Each month, from now until July, has a theme based on the colors of the rainbow...or more technically "the visible spectrum".

The prize for this month's contest is the Lil' Ragnaros companion pet.

Image belongs to Blizzard...I just added the words.

Now, you might be saying, "Hey...Rags is orange". Well, yeah...he is. But of all the store pets, he has the most amount of red in him. That's why he was chosen.

I know that there are a few other contests going on right now. Dragonray, over at Azerothian Life, is hosting an in-depth transmogrification contest, called Mog the World in 80 Days. Tycertank, over at Toonacious, is hosting #WoWscreenshotaday. I am by no means trying to take away from those contests.

I decided to begin this contest now because RED is a good color for February...with Valentine's Day happening and know...romance "should" be in the air. So get those lovey-dovey moods in swing and put together your best romantifically-red outfit!!!

Ok, ok...I went a little overboard with that...but you get the gist.

Should you decide to participate, you will the have almost the entire month, each month, to create an outfit and submit it for 'The ROYGBiV Tmog' contest. Hopefully that won't be too stressful.

Remember, submissions for this month's contest are due anytime on the 25th of February. For the complete list of rules and contest info check out my original post on the matter here.

Good luck and have fun all!