Thela's ARK Hangouts

Lately I have been spending time playing ARK: Survival Evolved, on Steam. I am setting up this page as an introduction to the ARK servers I am hosting. If you have ARK, or have been thinking about getting it, feel free to join in on my servers. For now, I have the max amount of players set at 15. If needed, and if my computer can handle it, I will increase this amount.

I currently have the servers password protected. If you would like to join in, please send me a Steam message/friend request, at 'thela1288', with who you are and how I know you. I will reply back with the password as well as with my Discord channel info.

Now for the technical stuff.

My Computer Specs (for ARK servers):
  • AMD FX - 6350 Six-Core processor (3.9GHz)
  • 16gig DDR3 RAM
  • 250gig Solid State Drive

 Server 1 - ThelasHangout-TI-PvE-10xXP.G.T-30xH.M-Modded
  • The Island map
  • PvE server
  • 10x experience, gathering and taming
  • 30x hatching and maturing (imprinting adjusted as well because of quicker maturation rate)
  • Max player level is 100
  • Max wild dino level is 150 (higher in caves)

Server 2 - ThelasHangout-SE-PvE-10xXP.G.T-30xH.M-Modded
  • Scorched Earth map
  • PvE server
  • 10x experience, gathering and taming
  • 30x hatching and maturing (imprinting adjusted as well because of quicker maturation rate)
  • Max player level is 100
  • Max wild dino level is 150 (higher in caves)

The servers are in a 'cluster', meaning you can upload/download items and dinosaurs from server to server. You cannot upload/download your survivors. Nor can you upload/download to/from servers other than my own.
My servers have quite a few mods. I advise subscribing to each of the mods first through the Steam Workshop for ARK. Just search for the mods by name. As you subscribe to them, they will download onto your computer. It's best to subscribe and download the mods one at a time to prevent file corruption, which sadly is an issue with Steam. When you go to join my server(s), all you will have to wait on is for the mods to install...which usually takes 5-10 minutes depending on speed of computer/internet. The largest mods will load first and should follow the order as listed below. The list is as follows:

(TI & SE) StackMeMore
(TI & SE) Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture
(TI & SE) Structures Plus
(TI & SE) Pillars Plus
(TI) Platforms Plus
(TI) Ark Advance Supply Drops (haven't found a suitable supply drop mod for SE yet)
(TI & SE) Medieval Structures
(TI & SE) Medieval Props
(TI & SE) Advanced Rafts (on SE map primarily for props)
(TI & SE) Extra ARK 2.0
(TI & SE) Ark Advance 10
(SE) eco's Scorched Earth Decor
(TI & SE) eco's RP Decor
(TI & SE) ecoTrees
(TI & SE) Morecrafting Primitive
(TI & SE) Salvage Station
(TI & SE) Meat Spoiler
(TI & SE) Upgrade Station
(TI & SE) Death Recovery Mod (v1.5)
(TI & SE) Bore Water Kit
(TI & SE) Easy Vision Skins
(TI & SE) Kibble Table
(TI & SE) AllSkins - Chest
(TI & SE) Dino Finder
(TI & SE) Reusable Plus
(TI & SE) Death Helper
(TI & SE) Pet Finder
(TI & SE) Super Tranq Rifle
(TI & SE) Omnicular v1.41
(TI & SE) ARK Fog Remover
(TI & SE) Zipline System

You might be thinking, "Dam Thela, that's a lot of mods"...and well....yes it is. I'm at the point where I want my gaming time to be just that...gaming. I am done "working" in my games. I wish to enjoy my time relaxing within the virtual worlds. So, these servers are kind of 'easy-mode'...or for my fellow WoW players, they are 'care bear servers'.

But, that doesn't mean your playtime on them has to be. Just because the mods are there doesn't mean you have to learn their engrams or craft their stuff. Feel free to make your playtime as easy, or as hard, as you choose.

I, also, have safe-ish parking facilities at the above ground caves on The Island map. I have yet to decide if I will set up any for the underwater caves. I might be adding parking facilities for the Scorched Earth caves once I familiarize myself with them and their dangers. Below are a few screenshots of what I have set up.

Feel free to leave your small land dinosaurs in the buildings for future visits. Just be sure to leave plenty of food in their bellies and check in on them from time to time. Please, do not leave dinosaurs on platforms as there is limited parking space.

I look forward to seeing you running away from playing with the dinosaurs!


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